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2007 Cabernet Sauvignon - Les Collines Vineyard - Walla Walla Valley

   A bright, rounded red that is as complicated as a fair maiden.  This fruit forward, light and delicate Cabernet Sauvignon is brimming with subtle flavors of cherry, vanilla, peach and caramel.  This is the perfect wine for an evening dinner or to serve with a snack of fine cheeses and crackers.

Case: $360.00
1/2 Case: $180.00
750ml bottle: $30.00
2007 Gewürztraminer – Celilo Vineyard – Columbia Gorge
A sassy, white wine that bursts forth on the palette with sharp, bold, rich flavors of green apple, pomegranate, peaches, and a touch of vanilla. This German, spicy nectar makes turkey or chicken stand up and flap it wings or it can be served with alpine cheeses and whole grain crackers for an after dinner delight.
Case: $288.00
1/2 Case: $144.00
750ml bottle: $24.00
2008 Malbec – Les Collines Vineyard – Walla Walla Valley
Notes of blueberry and black pepper sing out from this bold, dark, daring red. One sip of this wine with its scrumptious flavors of icy fruits, namely cranberry, will transport you to the Mendoza Plateau of Argentina. This robust and deep red begs to be joined by a savory meat dish.
Case: $360.00
1/2 Case: $180.00
750ml bottle: $30.00
2008 Merlot – Seven Hills Vineyard – Walla Walla Valley

Bronze Medal Winner – 2009 Renaud Society

This is a smooth, Merlot with elegant, rounded aromas of plum and cranberry. This versatile red will enhance a fine meal, or a light dinner served under candlelight, or a leisurely summer day picnic. It is truly a wine for romance with its subtle, soft essences of pear, blackberry and a hint of apple.

Case: $336.00
1/2 Case: $168.00
750ml bottle: $28.00
2006 Merlot – Seven Hills Vineyard (Library Wine)


Case: $600.00
1/2 Case: $300.00
750ml bottle: $50.00
2009 Sangiovese – Blue Mountain Vineyard – Walla Walla Valley

Gold Medal Winner – 2009 Renaud Society

This deep red exudes wondrous aromatics of fresh, bold, crisp fruits; peach, cranberry, blackberry and plum. One smell will give you visions of the Italian countryside and one taste will bestow a feeling for the joy of life. This elegant and brazen red is designed for pairing with a hearty festive meal or enjoying on its own with friends.

Case: $312.00
1/2 Case: $156.00
750ml bottle: $26.00
2012 Strawberry – Klicker Strawberry Acres – Walla Walla Valley
With one sniff of this wine, sweet aromatics of fresh, luscious strawberries will caress the inner sanctum of your olfactory sensors. One taste will convey you to a bright sunny day in June. This is a perfect wine to serve with sharp vintage cheeses as an appetizer or with an after dinner dessert of angel food cake or vanilla ice cream.
Case: $288.00
1/2 Case: $144.00
750ml bottle: $24.00
2009 Syrah - Les Collines Vineyard - Walla Walla Valley

  This delicious, untamed, ruby wine will conger up memories of the rich and wonderful aromas of an abandoned, hillside orchard.  Our deep dark Syrah presents flavors of ripe plum and black raspberry and has a sharp finish.  The adventurous fruit forward nature of this wine is well suited for serving with wild and smoked measts, of elk, buffalo fowl and with hearty stews.

Case: $336.00
1/2 Case: $168.00
750ml bottle: $28.00


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